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44                            LETTERS   FROM   THE

April zgtfa* The Archbishop of Sens (Brienne)
turned out of the ministry. The Duke de Luynes
related to us that in travelling with a party a
few months ago, the wheel of his carriage being
broken, he was obliged to stop and go into a
poor cabaret whilst it was mended; and there,
on the white-washed walls^ he read these words:
" L'Archeveque de Sens est on gueux, et ses
manoeuvres nous ruineront, mais heureusement il
ne sera pas en place apres le 28 Avril, 1788,
Dat6 le 28 A6ut, 1787." It is remarkable that
Brienne was turned out on that very day*1

I learn from M. d'Entraigue that the Count
d'Artois had a warm conference with the King on
the dismissal of the Archev£que de Sens. The
King asked him why he was so violent against
that minister and so anxious that he should be
turned out. He replied, " Parceque je n'ai pas
envie d'aller mendier mon pain dans les pays

The Countess d'Albanie breakfasted  with   us

i M, de Lom6nies Cardinal Archbishop, He escaped
the horrors of the Revolution and amassed a large fortune.
He was great-uncle to Madame de Marnezia and Madame
de Canisy, Duchess of Vicenza. The famous ex-Abb^
Patrault, to whom these ladies were consigned by their
mother, Madame de Lom£nie, who was guillotined in 1793,
wanted to marry them to two peasants, his nephews; but
Napoleon prevented this.